Christian Education

We at First Presbyterian Church value our Christian Education programs. 


The Christian Education fall programs are under development, and we look forward to a full program of adult and youth programs.  Keep an eye on these pages for more information.




Post-Easter classes

  • earth 13657c-500x481April 20 - What is Climate Change and how is it changing? How do we know these changes are due to human actions? What are some of the predicted and already observed effects? We will also watch a short video and a slide presentation from the new international advocacy and training organization, Climate Ambassadors.
  • April 27 - What does the Bible say about the Natural World? Climate Change is a Poverty Issue. Climate Change is a Threat Multiplier.
  • May 4 - Grateful for Fossil Fuels, But Time to Move On? There Can be a Better Future.
  • May 11 - Seriously, what can one person do about Climate Change?

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